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My Blog/Coffee Painting 

It is already little more than 3 years as I started with experimenting using coffee as a painting medium. Now, I think became a time to summarize my experiments in my blog where everyone can learn about how to use this medium in your art and also how to protect it or fix some problems with your painting if you have any. Yes, its fixable, or like minimum all problems I got during this few years I solve and didn't loose any of painting I have at my home. Yes, it is new technique and when I started to work with coffee I couldn't find any information about it, any answer to my questions, any advise. I never wrote any blogs, so forgive me if I do it not a correct way, will write, fix and learn at the same time , as usual and everything in my life. If you have any question, my reader, contact me, I will be happy to help.​

50 Shades of Espresso

to reserve 

December Art Show in EDEN CAFE

December, 2021

Come to see my new paintings collection I will put on the walls in Eden Café this Wednesday. It will be there during all December and after our holiday event you can buy any art piece you love. This event will be 12/17/21  6:00pm – 9:30pm with nice life music, awesome food and drinks. It is not much spots so please reserve it to make sure you will have place to sit. Please live your comment about my art. Hope to see you, my friends!

Coffee as a Medium

November 27, 2021

First question you probably can have is- Do I really use coffee or it is a paint and what kind of coffee I use for creating my art painting?​

The answer is - yes it is coffee only, no paint and any coffee  will work. Since I started my experiments, I tried brewed Dark Roast, Espresso, Medium Coffee, Instant Coffee and even coffee from small containers with espresso shot from convenient store. Yes, any coffee will work, but result will be different. And depends from kind of coffee you using, your technique have to be different. Some coffee will be great for pouring, others you can do only by layering. As I see online now you can find some good coffee painters online and all of them found their own way to work. But anyway you have to be very good in watercolor for doing that. You need to know what you doing and should understand how it will work before you will start, like minimum because you can't wash it away fully, coffee -very stainable.

Second question: canvas or paper? Its sounds silly - what do you prefer. I see most artists use paper, I prefer canvas. I will not tell you is it easy or more complicated - it is just different. but painting on paper easy to frame and protect (under the glass) jus t you have more options.